9 Benefits of Dry Brushing 4 Your Health!

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Minnesota Sue here with some tips on dry brushing with the combined use of Young Living Essential Oils.

I love dry brushing and keep in mind…the best benefits are doing it dry. I have done it for years wet but the issue is the pulling of skin, as the warm water opens the pores and help it become more elastic like. So to avoid that, try to remember to dry brush and then you will reap many benefits, for one less saggy skin.

Okay, How does this dry brushing relate to Young Living Essential Oils?” you are asking yourself. Great question.

After I list the benefits of dry brushing, I will give you the answer, if you haven’t realized it by that time.

Benefits of dry brushing?

1) First off, your skin is the largest organ of the body. It also detoxes the body. So you therefore want to keep them pores open to detox, right? So, the best way to keep them pores open is to get the dead skin off. Therefore, dry brushing.

2) Dry brushing loosens up the semi dry skin and helps to slough it off.

3) It helps to keep the lymphatic system flowing, as it is right under the skin and it is the only system of the body that doesn’t pump to cleanse itself.

4) It helps to keep the skin fresh, rejuvenated and soft.

5) It helps the circulation of the blood through the body.

6) It therefore helps the body detox faster then. Pssst…so drink lots of water after dry brushing & showering.

7) So, after dry brushing, whatever products you use on your body in bathing and after bathing, will absorb better. Soaps, lotions, shampoos, essential oils, etc. Therefore we may not have to use as much of each.

8) Skin brushing also helps with less chances of skin issues and getting sick, as our first line of defense is what? Our skin. 😉 Did you know our body holds up to two pounds of dry skin at a any given time? Why not get rid of it??

9) When the circulation of blood is flowing better, the lymph system is draining and moving and our skin feels rejuvenated, we therefore as a person feel better about ourselves.

Look for a brush that is all natural and not synthetic. Remember to periodically wash with Thieves Household Cleaner and hang to dry.

 Keep in mind that not everyone is cut out for dry brushing, if you consistantly have really dry skin, you may find it better to do exfoliating with a wet cloth, like Norwex body cloth.

So, the reason I like to exfoliate and/or dry brush is so my body can absorb Young Living Essential Oils better and that I don’t have to use as much of any given product that I am using.

 Did I tell you…I do like to cut corners but not with my health?

Minnesota Sue loving Young Living Essential Oils and all they can do for a person! Or for a pet for that matter too! 🙂

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