My Young Living Journey

Minnesota Sue (MnSue) here and loving where I am at, on my journey with Young Living.

I go back in history, when I was first introduced to Young Living and I will tell you I was amazed at how well the oils worked. They still work the same today. I just wouldn’t have expected to take the twists and turns I have, for various reasons and end up back using the product, more than ever.

It started with my daughter spraining her ankle and we used “Panaway” to bring down the swelling and the pain. All within minutes. It was amazing to watch and see her response. I had the hardest time believing some drops of oils could do wonders, like they did. After the second round, I was very interested and believed they worked.

Over time, I would use the products here and there but not be as faithful to the oils, as I am today.
All because of me loosing my gift shop, I came back full circle.

I lost my gift shop in 2009. I was going through a period of “no sleep” and the gal that is now my sponsor was one of them who never believed in network marketing and now was hot on my tail to get me to use the lavender, to get sleeping at night. In the end, to get her to be quiet, I ordered the oils. The lavender worked without fail, night after night. Each night a little bit better until I was slept soundly and felt truly rested.

Next, I needed to work on those darn depression/anti-anxiety medicines.
I had a few too many, not so nice, side effects. I was not liking my path I was going down, with them medicines. I was not liking what those meds were doing to me.
I decided to try the essential oils to replace my medicines. With time, they did replace them.

I never felt so great. I felt like I could actually get through the day without crying, without feeling like I was losing my mind on top of the gift shop. I could even be at peace, with where my life was going. I began to be my “old self” again. I  went through some tough times, don’t get me wrong but the edge was taken off and I could deal with those curve balls that came my way.

I have gone through some tough moments, been tried like crazy with my faith. I struggled with my personal faith, my families and that if God was there, where was He?

Thank God for these essential oils and all they can do.

I soon realized that God was there, is still there…I had just lost my touch with Him as the struggles were not given to Him, to carry. I carried too much of that baggage myself and didn’t realize it. I was with weighted shoulders, trodding along and not liking where I was at. To be at peace, I had to truly trust in Him to carry all my sorrows, my pain and suffering. Forgive them, who had been, ahh, not so nice. Forgive them and let go.

Sometimes those chapters of life are hard to close, hard to turn the page for some unknown reason. We want to hang onto that old portion, until it is thread bare. Why are we that way?? Only God knows but all I can say is that I am thankful for my path of trails, it has made me stronger. It has made me and helps me stay compassionate for the suffering of others.

At times I want to bury my head in the sand and forget all but then I realize for some reason, God gave me the strength to give me them and carry me through them, he will not forsake, a one. I know I will get more trails as we walk on the path of our lives journey but I pray that I will remember how to deal with them, to not carry so much of the burdens and let go.

I also have to say, God has brought to me some wonderful friends, through Young Living. He has given me friendships all over the world, all through these little bottles of precious oils. To this, I am truly thankful, that God has seen fit, to help me grow in my home based business. To share my passion and love for essential oils and all they can do for one.

 Simply and naturally.

With this time of my life I have been truly blessed to put my energy into a group that has taught me also, in different ways. I not only have been the teacher but the student as well. We are but a small group in the whole world of humanity but as one drop of oil can make a difference in ones health, so can one person make a difference in this world of health.

Welcome to join our team, where we all share our common goals, of essential oil use in our homes, for everyday cleaning to bumps & bruises. We all want to live healthier and share it with the world.

Minnesota Sue leaving you in this post to learn more, on Young Living, over at these following places;

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Happy Learning!

Welcome to work from home and join my team as we are in 190 countries and growing!