Oil Spill On Carpet? 3 Quick Steps to Remedies!

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First off, on this blog post you are searching for an answer on spilled essential oils on the carpet and how to remove it!

How can one get essential oils off a carpet?

1) Begin this step as soon as possible with paper towel. Let it sit on top and blot it up, so you get most of it out of the fibers before it soaks in deeper. Do not rub..as this pushes the oil into the fibers AND breaks them down.

2) Then you sprinkle either baking soda or cornstarch (I have found cornstarch absorbs better personally) and let it absorb as much as possible in 15 minutes.

3) Next is to vacuum it up.


4) At this point, if any spots left, let it sit for another 15 minutes or so with the baking soda or cornstarch on it.
5) Vacuum it again.

There should be no spots left at this point but if any faint mark do this final step!
6)Sprinkle baking soda or cornstarch again  & let it sit overnight and vacuum in the morning.

You have fresh carpet and no oil issue!

Yes…I helped someone out tonight that had spilled some large amount of essential oils on their carpet yesterday and yes, one day later we still had success with this process! 🙂

I cannot make any guarantee’s but I sure did like how quick the carpet looked nice again!

Minnesota Sue here to tell you, I just love Young Living Essential Oils!

Share this blog post & print off! You never know when you need it…even for veggie oils that spill!

Pssst, kitty litter works good too but I find it isn’t as cheap and sometimes has additives in the ingredients I don’t want around on my carpet.

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  1. Will this treatment get rid of the odor too? Son spilled an entire small bottle – the aroma is over-powering!

    • Have you tried using vinegar for that after with baking soda? I would do that. First sprinkle the baking soda across the area, then the vinegar, making a paste. Let it absorb for a bit and then vacuum it up.

    • Yes, it did get rid of the smell. 🙂