Not Sleeping Or On Anti-anxiety Medicines, Depression Anyone?

Right now I am feeling like…arghhhh! 

Have you ever had one of them moments?? 

I am sitting here typing and thinking for every one article I read or comment I see with major issues involving people and doing crazy stuff, I think,  “don’t you see it?”

Get the person off them drugs, slowly of course.

Sorry but this is an area I have dealt with in the past and really wish I could save the world, from the grief I went through.

A bottle of pills is not going to take care of it.
A bottle of pills is not going to drive the memories into the ground and never come back.
A bottle of pills is not going to make you happy, maybe for the first one but…well, you get my point.
A bottle of pills will not make you magically well.
A bottle of pills will not save your hide from all the pain you have to go through in life.

These so called, “happy pills” will just drive the memories to the back and surface some day down the road. When you least expect it.

Remember, I am not against modern medicine, it has it’s time and place. I am talking about running from our pain, sorrow and thoughts.

God has given us a brain, let us use it and help others.

Let us find something that can help with depression/anxiety in a natural way without making us go do things God had no plans for us doing. Like taking ones life or another persons. Like going even more crazy then before the first pill.

There are many ways to get the same results but I will speak out from my pain, I went through. I did find help in a couple of drops of oil. I found I got some sleep with lavender. I found I could deal with life as it came, better with frankincense. It made the transition off medications better and smoother. I pray, I never go down that path again…ever.

Most importantly, I have God in my heart.

So, you go out there and share, share your natural ways that can help the next fellow citizen got off his drugs without loosing his/her mind in the process, naturally.

Then I can quit my ranting…lol.

Sorry, you all, but I have been wanting to share why I am soooo passionate about these Young Living products and I am finally starting to share more, as I cannot see loosing so many of our fellow citizens(who are our friends & families) to their pain and suffering. It isn’t only the person, it is the family that suffers with them.

With all my  and hope, that you don’t keep your passion hidden, go help and save another one from them so called, “happy pills”. Serve them up some “happy oil” instead or another natural way.

Minnesota Sue 
Happy that I am
 where I am
In Life
Pain Is Not 
Meant to be Buried
Hidden or Beat Up

It is meant to be dealt with
And become stronger
To help others
Grow and Be their 
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