Traveling With Essential Oils?


Hello my friend! Learning much yet on Young Living Essential Oils? I love to share my stories on how they work for me and my team! So many lovely stories to share, that I cannot keep them all to myself, what’s the point of that?? Anyway, I have found myself traveling with essential oils a […]

Zyto Scan and Young Living Essential Oils


Hello my dear friend! I am having a blast with the Zyto hand scan. It is so fun and amazing how the scan is like spot on! I have been enjoying the scans I am doing, even for myself. Today I had to chuckle when I came home, back to the midwest from the southwest […]

Juice Boxes How Safe Are They? NingXia Red to the Rescue!


Hello Minnesota Sue here and sharing another little fun thing I came up with my grandbaby, Callie, who is three. She loves them juice boxes and freezies! 🙂 So I am on a mission when she comes to Nana’s house that she can get some healthy products in her and I can test out how […]