What is Glutathione? 26 Ways to Get it Naturally!

Lately it seems that I have seen “Glutathione” word popping up, all over the place. 
I have read more in depth on it a few times, over the last few years, but really haven’t gotten to excited about it.  Maybe, I should have. 😉 

So, here is what I pulled out of my research on it, maybe this can help you decide if you should be getting excited too! 

First of all what is “glutathione”?

Glutothione or GSH is commonly known for a power horse of sorts for the immune system, it helps the body deal with stress and keeps us from aging.  It is also known to help with eye sight, helps turn carbs into energy and last but not least it helps keep the not so good fats we ingest, from oxidizing.  So, in knowing this…people of all walks of life, are all over it.

In fact so much, that they are doing everything from powders to injections of GSH! 

Well, when one reads into this further, did you know it is naturally occurs in many foods?

There are many of the ways to get glutathione without paying a premium for just for this ~ if you notice it is in many fruits and veggies. So, as long as we eat them mostly raw or just steamed we get the most GSH out of them and/or the properties to help the body produce more.

1) Whey 
2) Colestrum (first milk from the cow)
3) Organic Walnuts
4) Raw Eggs
5) Raw Meat (but who eats this?)
6) Broccoli
7) Asparagus
8) Watermelon
9) Garlic
10) Spinich
11) Tomatoes
12) Avocado
13) Turmeric
14) Ricotta cheese
15) Milk Thistle
16) Wheat Germ
17) Acorn squash
18) Zucchini
19) Cantaloupe
20) Grapefruit
21) Okra
22) Orange
23) Peach
24) Potato
25) Strawberries
26) Whole Grains

Also, did you know the body produces and stores the most glutathione in the liver?? Oh my, another reason to keep that liver healthy! 

Keeping your body healthy and working at a level of normal, can be a tall order to ask the body to do. So give it a little help and remember your vitamins. 

“Fish oil, riboflavin(vitamin B2), vitamin C, and selenium also encourage the production and absorbtion of GSH. In fact, without selenium, a trace mineral that also helps vitamin E work more effectively, the body cannot produce glutathione. Make sure you are getting plenty of these nutrients to help keep your body healthy and strong at any age. ”  Quoted from http://www.vitaminstuff.com/glutathione.html

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So…by the research I have done, so far, I am at a standstill. I believe I get enough out of my daily food and supplements to keep me going with glutathione. Maybe someone can twist my arm and teach me some more!

How about you?

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