Zyto Scan and Young Living Essential Oils

Hello my dear friend!

I am having a blast with the Zyto hand scan. It is so fun and amazing how the scan is like spot on!

I have been enjoying the scans I am doing, even for myself. Today I had to chuckle when I came home, back to the midwest from the southwest (Arizona and California) and had these allergies acting up. I am sure to dust and it was just craziness. Started with sneezing and progressed to the drainage and then the cough to accompany it.

I felt a little embarrassed that I didn’t haul all my oils with me. I have my reference guide but what good was that with a quart size baggie of essential oils, only? Well, it got me to the point of hanging in there, most of the trip. Lavender was my “go to” for this round.

When I got home, I scanned myself and up came Melrose (infection and the blend for allergies/asthma). Hmmm, rather interesting indeed. I love to do these scans and see how accurate they are. The other three oils came in spot on too.

Ahhh, rather refreshing in a way but again…I needed a kick in the backside from oils??
The oils were Present Time, Bergamot and Palo Santo.

I now started to laugh out loud at this point. Couldn’t deny what I saw repeated from my thoughts, could I??

1) Present Time(blend), I needed to step out of my past and get moving into my future.
2) Bergamot is a citrus oil, so uplifting and relaxing. I had done a bit of coughing and my chest was aching. So, okay, tub time!
3) Palo Santo is similar to Frankincense and helps one get rid of “negative” energy. Geez…I have some left in me? Okay, I can be a worry wart at times. It is one thing I need to quit doing, with the help of Palo Santo.

Now, do you see why I  am amazed time after time with this zyto scanner??

Look me up if you are in the twin cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota. The suburbs is fine too (St. Michael, Rogers, Albertville, Elk River, Maple Grove, Osseo, Anoka, Champlin, Dayton, Nowthen). Let see what essential oils you are in need of too!

I know you will love them as much as I do! This makes it easier to be scanned by your hand via biometrics and not to wonder what you would like to try.

MnSue loving what I do, how about you?

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  1. I’ve had so many amazing “spot on” experiences with this machine! Never ceases to amaze me!