Essential Oils As Perfume!

Hello Minnesota Sue here!

My latest trip to Washington is coming to a close. Another day here and I will be heading out to the airport again, over to Portland. I really enjoyed my time, once again. Lovely people and lovely times.

A while back as I was on the phone with another distributor, I was talking about having writers block on posts. I just realized that one of the reasons I have writers block is that I have been so busy with my team and enjoying the love of Young Living Essential Oils, I have hardly had time to think about the next topic of a blog post, not realizing that everyday experiences are just what my followers are looking for. 😉

So, as we were talking on the phone, she was lamenting how there are no oils that are blended for a perfume. As I sat laughing to myself. I was like, “What??? No perfumes? She is surrounded by perfumes.”

 The best perfumes in the world are under her nose and she never realized it.

Sometimes we all can be like that, even me. We are looking so hard for something, we cannot find it until someone points it out.

So, in conversation with her, I mentioned this. I told her we have the best ones around, as they are pure and not full of junk fillers and one can make their own, if they want, from them. But why would one want too? All you have to do is find one in the hundreds of bottles from Young Living and find your favorite and start applying to your wrist, your inside of your elbows and your ankles. Or for that matter add to lotions or shampoo’s or splash on, like an after bath splash. Or bathe in them also, by adding to epsom salt and/or baking soda to the bath water.

What are a few of my current favorite essential oils or blends I like to wear as perfume?

Joy, Three Wise Men, Magnify Your Purpose, Release, Stress Away, Believe, Christmas Spirit and others.

Why are they my current favorites? I like to go through my oil bottles periodically and find the ones I am attracted to by scent. Then I leave them on my night stand and in the morning as I awaken, I apply.

It is so nice to know that I am wearing something so pure and when I go out in public, they have no proteins in them, so no one can be allergic to them, like other perfumes out there on the market.

Which oils do you like to wear as perfume?

By the way, did you notice we both “unblocked” each others blocks? 😉

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  1. I’m the one you were speaking with that day. And I’ve been awaiting your blog post on this subject. Thanks so much!