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Hello again and welcome to my blog! Where learning is fun and Young Living Essential Oils are mandatory. 😉

Hahaha, got have fun, don’t we? Life can be to dull if we don’t laugh at even our own stupid humor.

Anyway, from time to time I get this question asked of me, “What is more potent, herbs or essential oils?” Some of you seasoned veterans are laughing at this but I believe it needs to be addressed.

 With this thought in mind, I have cooked for years with herbs and very few years with essential oils. Herbs are so much milder and easier to use and adapt a recipe too. Herbs also don’t last as long as essential oils can. But when it comes to using essential oils in cooking and baking, there can be hardly any give or take. If you add a tad to much of essential oils, it is what it is and one sometimes has to get rid of the end product(maddening, yah I know ;). When it comes to herbs, if you put too much in, you  can alter or add more of something else, to somewhat cover up the mistake, in the recipe.

For example if you put in one drop of an essential oil into the batter, it may be too potent. One should start with a toothpick dipped into an essential oil and progress to drops.

With dried herbs you typically do somewhere around a teaspoon in a recipe but if you by accident, throw in a tablespoon, you can improvise as I have and one wouldn’t have too much of a hard time, eating it.

From those two examples above in baking, you can see the difference in the  potency of the two from the start but that isn’t even the angle I wanted to cover. It is the real live energy and frequency of the oils that make the difference.

When herbs are dried, the life blood of the plant is less than 10% left in it (typically 3-5% in dried herbs). Dried herbs are still therapeutic in there own way but nothing in comparison as you can imagine.  When a plant, root, tree, flower or shrub is distilled, it is done in such a manner for the maximum potency and the life blood of the plant to be preserved, to be used for healing properties in not just humans but pets and the world we live in.

After a rain, have you ever felt the energy in the air?

This same type of energy is captured in them oils through the very process called “distilling”. There is a science to it. In some oils, if you distill to short of a time you don’t have all the properties released and therefore hardly any therapautic quality to it. The end product after distilling is the “life blood” of the plant that is very similar in properties in “blood”.  Therefore, is the very reason a body can utilize the oils so quickly and pass through the skin and be all over the body, in just minutes.

So, don’t be fooled into thinking you have the same quality of life from a dried herb to an essential oil.

I love to cook with both the herbs and the oils and use them in everyday use. I can personally tell the difference and I am so thankful for what they can do for one. But that isn’t the only thing I use essential oils for. Feel free to search on my site and read my other posts to find out about the benefits my family has had with these lovely oils. You soon can love them as much as we do.

By the way, go ahead, have your experiments and see what you come up with. Try the herbs vs essential oils in your recipes and your everyday use around the home too. Would love to hear your feed back and see how you like to use herbs and essential oils in your life.

Minnesota Sue loving what I do, sharing my tips and experiences with you!

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