Eyesight & NingXia Red From Young Living

In 3 years now my eyesight has gotten better. Yahh! Way to go Young Living! So happy!

I have been hovering around -10.50 in one eye and -11.25 for the other, since elementary school days. Fifth grade is when it really got bad and I couldn’t read the chalkboard.

My left eye has had astigmatism for years and noticeable to me. My right eye, astigmatism came and went.

My right eye is now -9.25 and left is -9.00.
Been three years of no astigmatism in right eye and almost gone in the left.

 Sweeeet! I will try contacts for astigmatism and seeing as it is so borderline, if it makes a difference or not.

All I can say, is to be healthy and be able to see & hear are gifts from God. I am so thankful to be able to share with you.

What do I do? I take NingXia Red daily. Minimum of 2 ounces and sometimes up to 6.

I also use oils on my head, off & on, depending on what I am dealing with. Sinuses: uses oils on my face and around ears. Ears plugged? Around ears and on lymph pockets. Brain fog? Dropped on top of head and on temples.

Many ways to use them but at least be consistent with use and over time your body just gets healthier!

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