Young Living Autoship,Monthly Order Bonuses!!! Essential Rewards, YLEO

Hello, Minnesota Sue here! Loving what I do, sharing all the good on this awesome company called, “Young Living”!!
One day I had to take this picture and share it with my team. I then realized that many of you out there are going to miss this lovely opportunity, of the free product too. 
I was a bit on the “goofy” side, at first. I refused to go on autoship, as I didn’t want the company to have
my information, in their system. I didn’t want to have a monthly order coming automatically, to my house. From this came the thought one day, silly girl, you have thrown over $300 back at Young Living in “F*R*E*E” product, in mere months because of my refusal to share my information.
I laughed at myself for a while on this one.  I share this story with others and you, so you don’t be silly like I was. From this you are now wondering, “How did Minnesota Sue, get all that free product in the picture below?” πŸ˜‰
It is from choosing to be on a minimum 50pv(personal volume) order per month. I typically go in at about 150pv (about equal to U.S. dollars). Our family uses many of the Young Living products. We use the “Thieves Line” of products all over the house from cleaning, to toothpaste, hand foaming soap to the soap bars. Even the Hand Sanitizer works lovely and builds your immune system at the same time, while it gets rid of the bad germs. πŸ˜‰ We drink a lot of NingXia Red. We do a lot of “Raindrops”, we use many oils. 

In this picture above I got the two bottles of NingXia, 30 – 2 ounce packets of NingXia, 9 bottles of Hand Sanitizer and 3 bottles of oil. It is like Christmas, year around for our me, when I get my boxes delivered to the door.

I really give the FedEx guys a work out, coming up and down the hill. I wonder if they know me by name yet? πŸ˜‰

So, “how does this system work” is, I am sure, going through your mind? What you need to do is sign up as a wholesale customer/distributor at and then purchase one of the three starter kits. After that when you go to checkout, you can set up your autoship for the date you want (then go back and change to the products you want, delivered to your door) and check out.

First 6 months you are on autoship you get 10% of your volume order back in free product (you get to choose but a few things one cannot get, they will let you know when calling in). Then months 7-12 you get 15% back in free products, then 13th month and thereafter you get 20% back in free product, on autoship. Man oh man. How many companies do this?? Not to many. Target doesn’t. Walmart doesn’t. Amazon doesn’t. Name me one company out there that rewards you, please? πŸ˜‰ Other than SuperAmerica in points. πŸ˜‰ Just kidding. I shop them other ones, if you don’t sign up for a credit or debit card at one you cannot get coupons but I am not a coupon person, as a whole. I used to think I was, clip & save went the hands & ads and into the purse. To sit for a year or so. Transferred from one purse to the next until I realized, “Sue, you are not a coupon clipper.”

I love how simple the process is and how the free rewards add up fast. All with stuff we would use anyway.

Minnesota Sue <3 ‘ing what I do passionately! Sharing Young Living Essential Oils around the world and back again in my hometown!

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Text me worldwide at 763.370.2246 also. πŸ™‚

Thank you for reading and following my blog. Let me know how you are enjoying these posts. Do you want more of these or less? Anything in particular?