1 Step To Letting Go Of Fear For Me

This happened to me a year ago.
I let go of my “home health biz” that was deversified into more than just Young Living. I had a few other product lines I carried and loved it.I was afraid of putting all my eggs into one basket. For the fear of what happened when I lost my gift shop back in ’09.

Well, when you get shorted a few thousand dollars you start to examine your path once again.

This time, I layed out all my fears, my thoughts and said to myself when the thinking was all done, “What has been there for you, what has worked, what has payed you from all the work you have done?”

Oh my..the eggs all into one basket was not looking so bad now.

I went full time into my Young Living business and can say, “God has blessed me not with just a check that comes in monthly faithfully but with friendships around the globe and a huge learning curve”.

To this I am thankful and pray I can be the best leader for my team possible. To be there for them and be thankful for all these blessings that come with it.

I am happy to say you too can find what you are looking for, sometimes it stares you in the face and scares one so bad, that all you can do is lay down the fear and walk over it, like I did.

Amazing what can happen, when you let go and let yourself grow?

Wishing you, my dear friend, a beautiful life wherever you may be with whatever you choose to do!

Minnesota Sue leaving you to another beautiful Sunday with my family!

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