4 Tips For Sinus Issues With MnSue & Young Living Essential Oils


Here are 4 ideas and pictures that have helped me, to walk through sinus isues.

Sinus cavities are shown here and that is where the pressure builds up and infection can set in.

 I love to do the mini tramp & oil pulling as much as I can, every morning, if possible.

1) With the coconut oil I will add in  essential oils that I feel are needed that morning and swish while I am jumping. Such as Frankincense, Valor, Lavender, RC, Raven, Lemon, Thieves, Purification or others!

2) Another way also is to put the oils directly over the sinus cavities on the face( before the mini tramp jumping if you do it). Then you can apply a warm compress over the oils, to drive the oils into the cavities. **In the beginning, if the sinus problem is really bad, I have found myself applying them every 5 minutes until the pressure cuts.




3) Take the essential oils internally. I love to do this in a capsule, just a few drops will do you. For me, they can work up 4-6 hours. Length of time is similar to over the counter stuff one can buy.


4) Last but not least is to apply oils on the foot or hand that corresponds to the sinus area. That would be the bottom of the three middle toes, right at the connecting part to the foot, on the fatty tissue there. Also the three fingers from the pointer over to the ring finger. Right in the bend, before the palm.




Minnesota Sue leaving you to share away!


Pssst: Way to many oils to list that work for sinuses. Start with any of them in the Golden Touch 1 Kit to frankincense, panaway, lavender, copaiba, and many more!

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