Growing In Network Marketing!

Hello dear friend!

I am loving my work from home business and it is keeping me plenty busy.

I have been traveling on and off a bit here in the states and out of the country. I love to meet new people and learn all about them. Sometimes to the detriment of the new person. :)) I love to learn what they do, what they do for hobbies and if they have families and pets.  Many times it eventually leads to, “What do you do?”  I love when it gets to this point…can you tell?


I just got back from Arizona and met an elderly gentleman who was fairly talkative. He had a lot to share about the state we both lived in(Minnesota) and the state we were heading to, Arizona.  I was laughing at how he was telling me all about his good ol’ times with the horses and how he loved to keep busy.  Soon we got on the plane, we end in in the same row and I was sandwiched in the middle and at the end of the flight…he finds out he used to shoe the elderly ladies horses on the other side of me.

Never know where those friendships will go, as I did give out my cards.

Then I met more people…as we travel along.

I met a new massage therapist and he wanted product in exchange for a treatment.  Sweet, hey?

I believe you attract what you put out there. I love what I do and I have a passion that surpasses all for the oils and what they have done for me. Find that post here;

So all I can say again is keep growing in yourself and your relationships and watch your team flourish!

Thank you for being here and I value your friendship ~


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Take care, until we meet at the next post again~



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