DIY With Young Living Essential Oils

Hello dear friend, Minnesota Sue here!

I have been having fun slopping around in the DIY area.

Ever been there?

Argh, I should have been saying, “Hiding out in the DIY area”. I have googled and looked through books on making your own homemade candy, cough drops, foaming hand soaps, laundry soaps and more.

Well, one day I had such a rough time of it..

I was busy minding my own business, snooping on the net for all the above and my daughter asked me, “Are you ever going to make that soap?” Hahaha. Yes, well, for some reason I got the frozen feet syndrome. I froze to the ground in that spot and couldn’t get myself to commit on almost any of them.

“Why?” you ask.

Well, for the simple fact each recipe had it’s own dilemma.

 I am kidding but yet not. I would find one recipe I would like but the person would write, “Well, I like it but there is controversial points on the use of this ingredient” and off I would go to research the controversy. Hahaha…not kidding you. So, that plagued me every time that ingredient came up on a post.

Then I would be out of an ingredient and was too bloomin’ tired to think, “Improvise.”  Again, yes, laugh at me. I was getting caught up in all the stupidist reasons, why not to venture into the “DIY’er”  world.

I love using my essential oils and I also love pinching pennies, if I can, so I can use those pinched pennies elsewhere. Like, another bottle of oil? Yah, don’t tell my hubby that line, ‘kay?

diy foaming hand soap

So, in the end I learned that Castille Soap was a good and inexpensive filler to add with water & essential oils and get me some really good smelling foaming hand soap, at each of the sinks. Now, I could do any essential oil blend I wanted. Well, just about any blend.

So, you are wondering, is that all I am going to share? Yes, for it is almost midnight.  Maybe tomorrow I can do another blog post on the recipe I like…for pennies on the dollar to have a good product at the sink, to wash your hands.

Until then, have a great day and see you at the next post ~

MnSue having fun blogging with you!


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