I found A Gem, Actually Two!

Hello, Minnesota Sue here!

Welcome to my blog and I hope you are enjoying the posts.

I found a deck of cards called, “The Essential Oils Deck” Simple Blends for Health and Beauty by Hope Gillerman and Joan Arnold.

I am sure you can find it, over here on Amazon, like I find a lot of my stuff these days.

There are 50 cards in this deck and 33 of them are on single essential oils and the last 17 cards are what you can do with them, single essential oils.

All to do with health and beauty.

I found one fun one..on Ylang Ylang. If you massage it into your head, on the scalp, it can promote hair growth. It also can be added to castile soap for added benefit. How interesting is that? 😉

It also can help with moods. Hmm, I cannot imagine anyone ever needing helping to feel happy or joyful

ylang ylang

Keep in mind, when you use any essential oil, as you start out, less is more. Then also a drop goes a long way in doing some serious kick. 😉 Okay? I also like to use a carrier oil, which would be any non hydrogenated oils like; coconut oil, olive oil, palm oil and others.

Well, enough about Ylang Ylang (Canaga odorata), for now.

But before we get off track to much, I want to tell you, I only recommend one brand of essential oils and that is Young Living. You can purchase it here: Buy Here!

Back to the deck of cards.

These are fun to read and I will be definitely be going through more of these cards and giving you feedback. In the meantime, I am going to keep you in suspense..okay?

Until the next post, bear with me..have some fun and sprinkle Ylang Ylang around and share with me, the experience you have using it, okay?


MnSue leaving you to another day~ wear your day with a smile and I am going to have fun with mixing up these great smelling oils and wearing them like perfume!


P.S. If you click on the Amazon link above, I get a small commission back from Amazon, if you purchase the cards, since I love using them so much.