3 Reasons I don’t Coupon Clip, Can You Change My Mind?


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Minnesota Sue here…I remember years ago, clipping coupons and it drove me absolutely (1)batty. I would look through them ads, cut and cut and then organize.

(2) By the time I could use them, they were expired. ARgh.

(3) Then my dear husband enlightened me, that most coupons are for junk food.

It is not really saving a ton of money buying things we don’t need and then clipping coupons for them, when we wouldn’t have bought it, in the first place. Well, it sure was an eye opener to me. As I sat there…kind of sputtering under my breath about my hard work and for him to say that. Well, later, much later that day, I went through my coupon caddy and sure enough. Only ones I felt that were worth it in the end were the diaper ones. All the rest…out to the garbage.

Since then, I pretty much have felt like Randy Gage;

After watching this, let me know what you think too of coupons. Maybe you can change my mind.

Randy Gage

Randy Gage



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