Christmas Is Coming!

Christmas 2014 (1)

For all my dear friends near and far, enjoy your Christmas with your family and friends.

May your heart be merry and light ~

I love to decorate my home for the holidays. I have so much fun and it is so relaxing, as I put them decorations up. I take my time and put on many lights, so that the tree just shines. 🙂 I love light. During the winter season here in the Midwest, I find that it can get dark early and to me, the more lights up and on..the better. Along the front of the house on the windowsill, as you walk to the front door. Then, as you enter into the house, you will see a few mini houses, from my start on a village.

Mini Church Mini loghouse Mini People mini house sceneOrnament car

One of my favorite things to do, while I am decorating,  is put the diffuser going with Christmas Spirit Blend in it. 😉 Perfect one, hey? 😉

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Christmas is a lovely time of the year to take time to be with family and loved ones. Remember to invite those into your home who have lost loved ones and also those away from home. This time of the year can be painful for some, with the memories of who they have lost or not with, far away from home. I am just loving my Finnish guests, of one of my sons. They are so full of life and energy. With this they brought back memories of yesteryear.

Rewind 25 years….

I remember the Christmas I was in Finland. I was 19  years old.  I was a bit lonely for my family. I can distinctly hear the clickity clack of the railroad track just as if it was that same day, back on the train. It was late at night and through my eyes, I  was seeing the lights off in the distance, the warm and cozy home glowing, in the night. There was darkness all around the home but yet the welcoming warmth of the glow, just popped out at me, across the frozen white tundra. It reminded me of my family, across the ocean and all that I was missing. Soon they would be all gathered around the tree and  just being with each other. A lump arose in my throat and I knew at that moment, that I needed to let that thought go or soon I would be crying on the train.


Back to present time…

It is interesting, when I think back, to that moment in time. That I do not even remember hearing the voices, from the other people, on the train. One memory  I sure picked up on, was the train going over the tracks and the glowing lights in the distance.  Many times since, whenever I see a light in the distance, far away, I remember that moment. Maybe that is why I love the story called, “The Polar Express” so much. I feel like I am that little boy on the train…bumping along and watching the scenes unfold around him, in his so called, “dream”. Yet, when morning comes the bell is under the tree, just for him and he can hear it.

sometimes the things we cannot see

So with that said, sprinkle around some Christmas Spirit Blend and enjoy the rest of the year, 2014

and believe in the season.

From our home to yours, we wish you a lovely & Merry Christmas ~ The Sturos Family

Christmas 2014 (1)

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