Passionate About Your Lives Purpose?


As I was typing up my blog post last night and letting my followers know that I am in a few different cities. That is, within the suburbs of Minneapolis and St. Paul (Minnesota). I got so overwhelmed with gratitude that I am sure I overlooked a few cities. I didn’t realize that I had that many people in so many different towns. What a blessing to have touched so many lives, in such a short time.

Without God and my team, I wouldn’t have been able to, in such a short window of time. God has surely showed me a path of and guided my footsteps.

So many times I wanted to give in and give up.

So many times I thought, how can even one person want to join my team, when their are others out there doing this too?

What do I have to offer that the others don’t?

Then I realized I do have a story to tell. I do have something different to offer. I will attract those like me and that want to work from home around their family. Who want to feel better and not be on happy pills the rest of their life. Who want to get their sleep back and naturally.

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So why did I share this with you? To help you know that YOU do have something to offer the world. God put us here for a purpose and once you find it…never let go of your passion and share it with the world.




Minnesota Sue loving what I do, how about you?

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To your health and wellness in 2015 and beyond ~ chat soon!

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