Finland & Young Living Essential Oils (Europe)

I had to just come on and share with you what my Finnish friends are doing out in Finland, Europe. They are just rockin’ out the essential oils from Young Living and I just love how they are presenting it.


First I have to say, I had one of them busy but tedious days…

Makes you just smile and be ever so thankful for all you got done. All that tedious work that seems to always get slid, to the back burner. My day was one of them, that gives me the tired but accomplished smile. :))

Anyway..a great note for you avid oilers..I just have to share, even if you don’t know the Finnish language, you have to go check this gal’s fanpage out that is on my team, she does an amazing job of doing videos without words. I absolutely love it..come back and tell me what you think. Am I a little too impressed? ;))


Here it is:

I think she has an amazing talent and love what she has done with Young Living Essential Oils. What do you think?

Did you find her one video on the stomach? How she helped the little girl out with Peppermint? Maybe her stomach was aching or not feeling well. Maybe her bowels needed a little help. Next did you see her one on Purification on the face? That could be for skin, that could be for the allergies, it could even help aid the sinuses to move. Fun guessing, that is for sure. Also the pic of the shoes and thieves? I bet they got rid of the stink…wouldn’t you say? Have fun!! I sure did!


Minnesota Sue loving what I do!

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