Compensating for a Missing Lens

So my mother and I took a 17 hour road trip to Grapevine Texas for this year’s Young Living (YL) Convention, Light the Fire, 2015. Yes I said 17 hours. WHY did we not fly? Well actually my mother told me it was a ten hour drive, so I consented. When I went to map it out on google maps, well it says 15 hours. Mom, did you know that it actually takes 15 hours to drive to TX instead of 10? “Oh”, she says. Well we left after I had an 8 hour shift at work and drove through the night. By morning I had toothpicks in my eyes to stay awake and my mother is peacefully waking up over every bridge bump we drive over. SLEEP!! We both get a couple hours of sleep on the way there, and then we have to stay awake to register. But wait I didn’t tell you the good part yet, my mom gets ready to drive and puts her sunglasses on, checks her phone to make sure the GPS is on, and starts to eat her lunch before we drive away. I look at my mom and I burst into laughter, as she is wearing a pair of sunglasses that has ONE LENS POPPED OUT. Between my laughter I ask her if she knows she is missing a lens and sure enough, she looks in the mirror and she is rolling with laugher! She tells me she had no idea that it was missing the lens. I asked her, “How do you not know that you are missing a lens on sunglasses, wouldn’t it be brighter from that eye?” No, she has me put on the pair and sure enough there is hardly a difference. I think that your eyes must compensate for the darkness/brightness because I couldn’t even tell myself. You try and let me know…11836881_982861815109227_2804632120325014287_n Well. On to bigger and better things. We get to convention and I just want to shower and curl up and take a nap. Convention this year was ginormous and I couldn’t believe the amount of passion that there was. It was just amazing to be at convention and feel the heat of leaders on fire, and learning so many new things about YL. I learned a lot about essential oil safety, and a lot about the shift that YL is taking towards health, wellness and abundance. We are learning a whole new language with the FDA compliance, but it is an AMAZING change that will become second nature if we just take the time to learn it. What are you doing to learn the second language? Have you taken the shift? Have you taken time out of your day to learn at least one new thing about each product? By learning a second language we can empower ourselves to have health, wellness and abundance and really, even if you have a missing sunglass lens, the eyes are compensating between the darkness and the light, and so can your mind. If you are feeling like you aren’t quite there with the compliance stuff, just keep working at it. “We are what we repeatedly do,” claims Aristotle and changing your habits is a need right now to keep our wonderful products! Well I must get going as the little ones need me, but I hope you all enjoyed this post and have a wonderful day.

-Kara J. Member #1202409 YL Executive

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