Traveling With Friends, Berlin Germany!

How amazing for me to think…I really did go to Berlin. 🙂 I have pictures to prove it and I am not sleeping on the job and dreaming. 🙂

October 2015 1704

Welcome to my blog, I am loving life and all it brings. My name is Sue Sturos  (one can find me simply by searching out with #mnsue and I will be there). :)) I enjoy life and I am at a point in my life, I am searching out new hobbies and I believe one of them is traveling.

 October 2015 1293  October 2015 1296


I got through Chicago and onto Berlin…landed and we started to check out Berlin! So lovely! Here is Karla, I and Kara on the river front. We saw these amazing statues on one of the bridges. So detailed, reminding me of the German made Hummel figurines.

October 2015 1348October 2015 1316


Soon we were trying out the different food over there. Not to special but interesting cultural foods.

October 2015 1392

We met up with our Finnish team and had some more fun! Here we are at Young Living Convention.

Learning and enjoying the time together!

  October 2015 1951October 2015 2056October 2015 1945


Can you imagine? All in Berlin, Germany!

So is some more amazing great times!

October 2015 2267

October 2015 1961October 2015 2150 A few familiar faces from across the seas..back home!

We had a good time checking out the products that just came out to Europe. We love the displays and had lots of fun with the background photo ops. Being goofy is who I am.

October 2015 2113


So time for a bit of seriousness…

October 2015 2329 October 2015 2340 October 2015 2330 October 2015 2344 October 2015 2346 October 2015 2331 October 2015 2341 October 2015 2347

Well..we found the perfect court at night (after eating at this fabulous place and running into the head hanchos of Young Living Europe there too) and had fun with the changing colors of the dome!

October 2015 2277October 2015 2284October 2015 2290October 2015 2287October 2015 2286October 2015 2278


Then celebrated a couple of birthdays…:)

October 2015 2295 October 2015 2296

I could show you hundreds more…but I am wondering if you are getting bored? Shops along the streets with living above the street markets.

October 2015 1746 October 2015 1569 October 2015 1511

I enjoyed my time and here are a few of the place we stayed at:

October 2015 1704

I think I am going to have to do another blog post…running out of space and a few more places I want to cover in this trip. 😉  By the way, I thought those chairs and the bears were really cool outside of our hotel.

Until the next post…see you soon!

October 2015 2346Sue