You Are The Average Of The Top 5 People You Hang Around With!

Hello, Sue here!

I have been thinking a bit about this line, “Who are the top 5 People YOU Are Hanging Around With?” as it can touch on some sore spots and yank on a heart string, hey? That is if we are not being diligent to who we are and who we should become.

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That comes from the lessons we learn in life. God gave us a heart and a brain, use it to aspire and do our best.

The simplest question will put you to the test.

Are you fulfilling what your WHY is?


We take each day, each moment and each step, in our endeavors with God.

I remember asking my husband, “I am so lost. I am so at odds with myself. I don’t know what to do. We lost the store, we are losing our home and our children are growing up and independent. What do I do with myself?”

He is a very supportive husband.

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He is my rock solid man, right behind God. He, in is quiet ways, seems to be given the words to say. He told me I will come to the realization in time, to know out what I need to do.

In a long story short…I did.

I woke up one morning and told him, “I was so afraid of putting all my eggs into one basket after losing the gift shop. I  was so afraid to do just one business. So afraid, I had the home health business, with a few companies. I was dividing my time with learning all of them companies at the same time. Not just their history but the product lines too. Soon, my check got divided too, just like my time and energy was. I couldn’t seem to get ground with any one of them. I was afraid of just letting go.

I was afraid.

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How selfish was that, all about “I, I and I”??

I let go. That morning it came to me, that even if I failed again, it is that I did the right thing. I did what was in my heart. So, I told my dear hubby, “It is crystal clear at the moment, that I do need to build just one and the one that is in my heart. I hope you can support me and I will try my hardest.”

His reply, “I have been waiting for the moment you realize that” with a smile on his face.

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So, soon I had to find some friends. Some friends that supported me in my endeavors.

Wow…it sure was hard to find them. I soon learned that most of the world had the vision of looking through tinted lenses (and not rose color either) or just not looking at where they were going at all. They didn’t see, what I saw. Freedom and vision.


We can see but yet be blind. We can hear but yet be deaf. We can be so smart but yet a bit dumb. We can be glued together with our skin but broken up inside. We can walk but yet be crippled.

Where are you, dear friend, in your journey?

Where are you and who are you hanging around with? What type of people? People that help you and uplift you or people that take away from who you are?

Do not give excuses.


There are cd’s, dvd’s, there are videos, there  are periscopes, there is blabs, their is blogs, there is books and more. Go find your 5 friends that can support you with your business. Do that until you find the 5 you can physically walk with, without bringing you down.

Those five will not let you wallow in self pity long, they will encourage you when you are down, they will motivate you when you think you cannot anymore. They will not fire you, when you should fire yourself.


Remember, it is only 5 friends you need to find, to uplift you, to carry you, to get you through them tough times. Find them and let them help you!

I am so thankful above all, to God and right behind is my family and now coming up behind it are my five friends. Without all of you, I wouldn’t be where I am.

Thank you! Yes, thank you for being here! Come find me on social media on twitter, facebook, periscope. Just search out my name (pssst it is Sue Sturos, the same as my blog) or #mnsue. See you  over there!

Take care ~ until the next post! Minnesota Sue helping you!

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P.S. Here are the five friends that have helped me through audio, written word and dvd’s:

Zig Ziglar, Jim Rohn, Eric Worre, Brandon Burchard, John C. Maxwell