About Sue

Hello & Welcome to my website!

So happy to have you here! I have been working diligently on many aspects of my website with a fantastic web designer, who I am having fun learning from. We both are learning all kinds of things about each others businesses.  Inspiring each other along the way, shouldn’t that be how it is in life?

We should be inspiring those we come in contact with.

Talk about inspiring, my goal on my website is to inspire you to share your personal journey along the way, as you grow your home based business. Whether it is online or offline. I have gone through some ups and downs in my life, just like anyone else has. What my goal is to do here on my website, is to inspire you to share your natural inborn talent with the world too, like I do.

I am a mother of six children, the baby is 16 and my oldest is 23, married and I am so proud to have 2 grandbabies, ages one and four. I love being a nana. Better than being a mom even (and I thought nothing beat that)! 😉 My husband and I have been married 25 years the tenth of June, yes we made it to our Silver Anniversary, loving each other even more than before!

There…now starts my journey with my online biz, I lost my gift shop back in 2009. I was going through some rough times when I realized we were going to be closing it’s doors. I couldn’t sleep at night, I ended up on something to calm my jangled nerves and deal with my depression. Yes, the dreaded word, “medicine”. I wanted off as soon as I could so I wouldn’t have to deal with those nasty side effects.

I posted on a social media site that I couldn’t sleep, next thing I knew a friend of mine was after me to get me using essential oils again. Well, I couldn’t afford them at the time but to get her to be quiet, I bought them. Within two days of using them, I was sleeping. Yahhh! Long sought after rest. That lead me to think…can I get using something to help me get off my antidepressants?  I found it with the oils too. So thankful for that friend of mine for not giving up on me. I am thankful for getting off my antidepressants. It has been 4+ years now and with that said, I am so thankful for that too.

As you can see, I was excited to share these steps with the world, I was passionate to tell others, to try the oils as they worked for me. With this came the issues that I cannot tell enough people fast enough, one by one. Others in my group and team were soon asking for me to share this story all over. Soon, I was getting wiped out from all the running. Realized I have to learn how to share this smarter and not harder. Here comes the internet and this new website.

So, again, thank you for being here and learning from me.  Go ahead and dive in, look around and get back to me with what you loved and what else you would like to see!

Take care,

Sue Sturos