Thanksgiving, A Time For Family & Gratefulness

gather old truck

It seems like where did the year go?  I feel like I really need to gather my thoughts, how about you? Our church group,  has been putting together their lovely crafts and baking also, so on one hand it feels like Christmas too. The swirl of the Christmas pictures of each item for sale, as it […]

You Are The Average Of The Top 5 People You Hang Around With!

October 2015 862

Hello, Sue here! I have been thinking a bit about this line, “Who are the top 5 People YOU Are Hanging Around With?” as it can touch on some sore spots and yank on a heart string, hey? That is if we are not being diligent to who we are and who we should become. […]

Traveling With Friends, Berlin Germany!

October 2015 1348

How amazing for me to think…I really did go to Berlin. 🙂 I have pictures to prove it and I am not sleeping on the job and dreaming. 🙂 Welcome to my blog, I am loving life and all it brings. My name is Sue Sturos  (one can find me simply by searching out with […]