Not Sleeping Or On Anti-anxiety Medicines, Depression Anyone?


Right now I am feeling like…arghhhh! Have you ever had one of them moments?? I am sitting here typing and thinking for every one article I read or comment I see with major issues involving people and doing crazy stuff, I think,  “don’t you see it?” Get the person off them drugs, slowly of course. Sorry but […]

Start Living With Everyday Oils Kit, 9 – Valor


Hello, Minnesota Sue here with another post about the “Everyday Oils Kit”. The last bottle of nine, the “Valor” blend. Valor is another one of my favorites and you will soon understand why. I cannot travel(as in fly) without it.  Valor works best on the feet and also on the back of the neck and around […]

Start Living With Everyday Oils Kit, 7 of 9- Peace and Calming Essential Oil Blend


Hello, Minnesota Sue back with the next oil from the Everyday Oils Kit from Young Living’s Product Line. Have you ever felt like you are so thankful to be able to write on something you know about? How about something you love to use everyday of one’s life? This is an extension of me, I […]