I found A Gem, Actually Two!


Hello, Minnesota Sue here! Welcome to my blog and I hope you are enjoying the posts. I found a deck of cards called, “The Essential Oils Deck” Simple Blends for Health and Beauty by Hope Gillerman and Joan Arnold. I am sure you can find it, over here on Amazon, like I find a lot […]

Not Sleeping Or On Anti-anxiety Medicines, Depression Anyone?


Right now I am feeling like…arghhhh! Have you ever had one of them moments?? I am sitting here typing and thinking for every one article I read or comment I see with major issues involving people and doing crazy stuff, I think,  “don’t you see it?” Get the person off them drugs, slowly of course. Sorry but […]

My Young Living Journey


Minnesota Sue (MnSue) here and loving where I am at, on my journey with Young Living. I go back in history, when I was first introduced to Young Living and I will tell you I was amazed at how well the oils worked. They still work the same today. I just wouldn’t have expected to […]