I found A Gem, Actually Two!


Hello, Minnesota Sue here! Welcome to my blog and I hope you are enjoying the posts. I found a deck of cards called, “The Essential Oils Deck” Simple Blends for Health and Beauty by Hope Gillerman and Joan Arnold. I am sure you can find it, over here on Amazon, like I find a lot […]

Lemon Essential Oil Video, Start Living With Everyday Oils #1


Hello and welcome back to those who are following me on my blog! Minnesota Sue here with a video on Lemon Essential Oil from Young Living. For those new to my blog ~ I love the products and have used them for years. It has taken me a while to get going on these videos […]

In With the New and Out With the Old… Welcome 2013!


Hello, Minnesota Sue here with a chart I find useful for applying oil blends to each of these emotional energy centers. Find your favorite oil(s) for each area, in my list below, if you are struggling with any of these areas and apply. Let us all work on getting “unstuck” and going forward with our dreams and passions […]