Are You Making Memories?

Hello, Minnesota Sue here! 😉 The day after Christmas is already here…. I was chuckling when I opened up my Christmas present from my daughter Kaiti this year. She got me new towels and a curling iron. 🙂 She remembered on one of my trips that the curling iron handle broke off and I just […]

Christmas Is Coming!

Christmas 2014 (1)

For all my dear friends near and far, enjoy your Christmas with your family and friends. May your heart be merry and light ~ I love to decorate my home for the holidays. I have so much fun and it is so relaxing, as I put them decorations up. I take my time and put […]

1 Step To Letting Go Of Fear For Me


This happened to me a year ago. I let go of my “home health biz” that was deversified into more than just Young Living. I had a few other product lines I carried and loved it.I was afraid of putting all my eggs into one basket. For the fear of what happened when I lost […]