Suki,our family friend. Oh,the Memories we Share!


Hello MnSue here and sharing my passion of story telling with you, have you ever met one of them great story tellers and you are bent over, on the edge of your chair, as you listen, not to miss a word?  I love them kind of people who keep us all entertained. Who doesn’t? In my […]

Improvising When Blends Are Out Of Stock!


Hello all! Minnesota Sue here on improvising on products when the blends/capsules are out of stock. Here is a video on what I did, that you can learn from also. Enjoy! MnSue leaving you to a fantastic day! Looking for my newsletter? Looking to sign up as a distributor? Looking to become a […]

In With the New and Out With the Old… Welcome 2013!


Hello, Minnesota Sue here with a chart I find useful for applying oil blends to each of these emotional energy centers. Find your favorite oil(s) for each area, in my list below, if you are struggling with any of these areas and apply. Let us all work on getting “unstuck” and going forward with our dreams and passions […]