I found A Gem, Actually Two!


Hello, Minnesota Sue here! Welcome to my blog and I hope you are enjoying the posts. I found a deck of cards called, “The Essential Oils Deck” Simple Blends for Health and Beauty by Hope Gillerman and Joan Arnold. I am sure you can find it, over here on Amazon, like I find a lot […]

4 Tips For Sinus Issues With MnSue & Young Living Essential Oils


SINUS ISSUES? Here are 4 ideas and pictures that have helped me, to walk through sinus isues. Sinus cavities are shown here and that is where the pressure builds up and infection can set in.  I love to do the mini tramp & oil pulling as much as I can, every morning, if possible.       […]

Frankincense, 2 of 9 Start Living With Everyday Oils


Hello and welcome to oilstoday.com blog. I love sharing and caring with essential oils, especially Young Living’s. This product I am going to share today, is one of my all time favorites. I am a happy camper when I am using this essential oil called, “Frankincense”. Once you try it, you will understand why. This oil has […]