DIY Foaming Hand Soap With Essential Oils


Here is the recipe I use to refill my foaming hand soaps. I love to use Christmas Spirit Blend at Christmas time, in the autumn or fall, I definitely use Thieves Essential Oil, cloves, nutmeg, orange or any one that reminds me of a cool, crisp fall day. The beauty of not only cutting your […]

Juice Boxes How Safe Are They? NingXia Red to the Rescue!


Hello Minnesota Sue here and sharing another little fun thing I came up with my grandbaby, Callie, who is three. She loves them juice boxes and freezies! 🙂 So I am on a mission when she comes to Nana’s house that she can get some healthy products in her and I can test out how […]

NingXia Red In Bubbly Form 4 Pop Lovers!

Hello Everyone ~ Minnesota here to share with you another fun video for those who love pop/soda but need to get away from the sugar! Enjoy!!   Have fun with NingXia and the Essential Oils! This healthy drink is fun for kids and adults alike, also health and delicious! Minnesota Sue leaving you to a […]