DIY Foaming Hand Soap With Essential Oils


Here is the recipe I use to refill my foaming hand soaps. I love to use Christmas Spirit Blend at Christmas time, in the autumn or fall, I definitely use Thieves Essential Oil, cloves, nutmeg, orange or any one that reminds me of a cool, crisp fall day. The beauty of not only cutting your […]

Growing In Network Marketing!


Hello dear friend! I am loving my work from home business and it is keeping me plenty busy. I have been traveling on and off a bit here in the states and out of the country. I love to meet new people and learn all about them. Sometimes to the detriment of the new person. […]

In With the New and Out With the Old… Welcome 2013!


Hello, Minnesota Sue here with a chart I find useful for applying oil blends to each of these emotional energy centers. Find your favorite oil(s) for each area, in my list below, if you are struggling with any of these areas and apply. Let us all work on getting “unstuck” and going forward with our dreams and passions […]