DIY Foaming Hand Soap With Essential Oils


Here is the recipe I use to refill my foaming hand soaps. I love to use Christmas Spirit Blend at Christmas time, in the autumn or fall, I definitely use Thieves Essential Oil, cloves, nutmeg, orange or any one that reminds me of a cool, crisp fall day. The beauty of not only cutting your […]

What is Glutathione? 26 Ways to Get it Naturally!


Lately it seems that I have seen “Glutathione” word popping up, all over the place. I have read more in depth on it a few times, over the last few years, but really haven’t gotten to excited about it.  Maybe, I should have. 😉 So, here is what I pulled out of my research on it, maybe […]

What Company Are YOU in? Are YOU using their product?

Hello, Welcome to learn about working from home and using YOUR companies products. Hard to always remember that you have your own store, hey? Well, just a reminder to purchase from your own store and also teach your downline/team to do the same. If you don’t like your products, why would you be selling them? […]