7 Tips for Looking For Essential Oils


Hello, MnSue here! When looking for a company that has essential oils, it can be overwhelming as companies all tell you their product is the best. They are all pure, they are from the top growers and top notch product. Okay, we all know that can be true. What they may not tell you is what […]

Have you been fighting your body?


Hello, MnSue here! I know this sounds like a funny header but I had to ask that simple question. It stems from those of you out there that have illnesses, diseases and other issues you are working on, within your body. It comes down to this. If you are trying to heal your body, you […]

Happy Valentine’s Day! Random drawing for Lavender Essential Oil!


Hello, MnSue here with a fun filled way to win a bottle of Young Living Lavender Essential Oil.  One must reside in the United States, one must be 18 years of age. You also can only enter three post to get your name pulled from the drawing. Each post must have only one way to […]