Are You Making Memories?

Hello, Minnesota Sue here! 😉 The day after Christmas is already here…. I was chuckling when I opened up my Christmas present from my daughter Kaiti this year. She got me new towels and a curling iron. 🙂 She remembered on one of my trips that the curling iron handle broke off and I just […]

Christmas Is Coming!

Christmas 2014 (1)

For all my dear friends near and far, enjoy your Christmas with your family and friends. May your heart be merry and light ~ I love to decorate my home for the holidays. I have so much fun and it is so relaxing, as I put them decorations up. I take my time and put […]

Suki,our family friend. Oh,the Memories we Share!


Hello MnSue here and sharing my passion of story telling with you, have you ever met one of them great story tellers and you are bent over, on the edge of your chair, as you listen, not to miss a word?  I love them kind of people who keep us all entertained. Who doesn’t? In my […]