You Are The Average Of The Top 5 People You Hang Around With!

October 2015 862

Hello, Sue here! I have been thinking a bit about this line, “Who are the top 5 People YOU Are Hanging Around With?” as it can touch on some sore spots and yank on a heart string, hey? That is if we are not being diligent to who we are and who we should become. […]

Compensating for a Missing Lens


So my mother and I took a 17 hour road trip to Grapevine Texas for this year’s Young Living (YL) Convention, Light the Fire, 2015. Yes I said 17 hours. WHY did we not fly? Well actually my mother told me it was a ten hour drive, so I consented. When I went to map […]

Where To Buy Empty Essential Oil Bottles For Sampling?

dram bottles one fourth dram

Hello and welcome! Sue here, I am having an awesome day. I sure hope you are also. Lovely  spring weather out and the bugs are starting to come out in full droves. I have my spray bottle with my “Bug Be Gone” essential oils are in it and with me. 🙂 I love them little […]