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I wanted to share my results from having a make and take with a few recipes I used, to make Elderberry + Wolfberry Syrup. I made just elderberry by itself and then elderberry + wolfberry blend with exact amounts of honey the recipe called for. Then made the recipes again and the honey, cut in half. The night of the event, we sampled them out and Elderberry + Wolfberry Syrup won out to all but one person. 

So, with that result...I wanted to share that recipe with you here. 

Elderberry + Wolfberry Syrup Recipe:

4 Cups of Filtered or Distilled Water
1/2 cup of Dried Elderberries 
1/2 Cup of Dried Wolfberries 
1/2 Cup of Local Raw Honey
2 Drops of Lemon Vitality Oil
2 Drops of Orange Vitality Oil
3 Drops of Thieves vitality Oil
2 Drops of Copaiba Vitality Oil
1-2 Drops of Ginger Vitality Oil

4 (8 if doubled) 8 ounce glass jars 
Instant Pot
Large Glass or Metal Bowl
Measuring cups
Hot Pads 
Apron, Optional (so you don't get pruple splashes on yourself)
Juicer, Optional

Keep in mind, I doubled my recipe to cut back on the time I had to make a second batch. This recipe will get you 3-4 cups of syrup and takes 45 minutes to an hour. If you make this on the stove top, it will take upwards of 4 hours.

 I set out my instant pot and put the wolfberries and elderberries into the pot, added my water. I then popped the top on (make sure the seal is on...done it a few times without seal...argh, not fun and a mess). I then put it going for 7 minutes (manually) and then had it do the natural method for release (15 minutes or so).  Once it has cooled down a bit, I took the hot pads and grabbed the pot, poured berries and juice over my strainer, that was sitting over the bowl. 

Nex,t I took them berries and ran through the juicer, set the dried berries aside and ran that juice through the stainer once again. If you don't have a juicer, then I would just press the berries down in the strainer and pop them into another bowl to use for making into a bread. Also can freeze for another day to use in bread also. Just measure and write what is in the bag, on the outside. 

Now, I took that juice and put it back into the Instant Pot and put going on the Saute button setting. It will come to a boil and keep stirring every so often, to bring the juice down to about half. Can take 15 -20 minutes or so.

So, once it has turned off, cooled down a bit, add the honey and stir until dissolved. Then add in the essential oils and stir again. Now pour into jars with the funnel above them jars. 

Seal and let cool to room temperature and store in the refrigerator for a few months. Or make sure to keep 2 inches from top (of especially the thin bottle neck jars), label them and freeze. I had purchased these cute labels for the class off etsy! 

Here is Sara's link, let her know I sent you...great to work with!

Adults can take one tablespoon a day for staying above the wellness line. 
Children can teak one teaspoon a day for staying above the wellness line. 

If you find you are coming down with something, I have increased to 3x's a day, spread out or take every 2-3 hours for a wellness boost. 

I want to know how you enjoyed making your elderberry syrup and what all you did to make it a success!! Keep me posted! 

xoxo ~ Sue Sturos
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