Vagus Nerve Reset
What is the Vagus Nerve?
First off, lets explain what is the vagus nerve and what it does. It is the main nerve highway from the brain to the gut (and has a few other small ones off it). It controls the digestive, sleep and you guessed it…your mood. 

That might be why you want to learn how to regulate it on a daily basis. This main nerve regulates the sympathetic (flight or fight)  and parasympathetic (rest and repair/digest) modes. 

Where do you want to be on a daily, or even a momentary basis?  
Well, as you flight or fight mode affects all areas of your body, even your hormones, when you are stressed out. So, I think the goal here, is to be in the parasympathetic mode most of the time, right? 

So now, that you understand what the vagus nerve affects, lets get it settled down here and give you some reason to build it's muscle in the direction we want it to be + grow into - the calm mode.  
7 Ways to Reset
Here are 7 ways to get your body into the calm mode, find ones that fit you and work with you. 

1) Cold temperature ~ shower, lake, foot dipping, stepping on a cold ground or cloth for 30 seconds or so. Over time, this builds your resistance to go into "flying" mode.     

2) Deep breathing, this is deep, like filling up your belly like a balloon, build up to, inhale for up to 4 seconds then exhale to 5 seconds. Do this for a few rounds, a couple times a day.     

3) Forest bathing for one hour. No, it's not showering in the forest, its walking in the woods, being among the trees, especially the conifer (or the cone shaped ones such as spruce, pine, cedar, etc).     

4) If you cannot bathe in the forest that long, try "Forest Bathing" with a diffuser. Find you some conifer oils and a diffuser and diffuse for an hour.     

5) Another option is the 3 oils to do your own personal touch to the calming - grab these 3 oils (Frankincense, Stress Away + Joy) and apply in this manner - Frankincense to top of head, Stress Away to base of neck and bottom of skull (hold finger with oil there for a few seconds) and a drop of Joy over the heart or chest area.    

 6) Yoga or meditation by itself or with any of the oils mentioned above diffusing or other calming oils or blends.     

7) Believe it or not, singing and laughing help it also.          

If you are looking to grab some samples of these oils and don't have any just fill out the form and for $7 I will send you samples to work with.     

I look forward to hearing how your vagus nerve reset journey goes, message me and keep me posted,          

With ❤,        

Sue Sturos     
Your Empty Nester Friend 

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